Curtains and Christmas

28 Nov

We put up the curtains (rod and panels from Lowe’s). Now we need to figure out the blinds situation. Or maybe add a couple additional panels because the two we have do not cover the entire window.

November 2012

Luckily our new Christmas tree will provide a small semblance of privacy for the season and we can take our time choosing blinds… which is very nice since I tend to labor over small decisions.


Our tree for instance, (pictured above with all 8 ornaments), was the result of online shopping followed by visits to English Gardens, Home Depot, Target, Meijer and finally Lowes.

I kept picking out outrageously expensive fake trees ($1000+). I can’t imagine paying that much, and it’s waaay over our budget anyway.

Luckily stores like Lowes and Home Depot keep it real with quality products at reasonable prices.

I thought Lowes had overall a better selection. We were in the market for a 7 footer (although we probably could’ve gotten away with 7.5feet).

At Lowes I picked out 3 models and we ended up with the middle price option: a GE 550 light pre-lit model 7ft for just under $200.

Then we went to Pier 1 and bought a star tree topper ($15) and a few ornaments (included in the 8 count).

A couple additional updates:

I got my office rug in the mail from Joss & Main and I primed an old wooden mirror frame that I will be soon painting and hanging somewhere:

New office rug Nov ’12

It’s a really thin rug and has kind of a jute-ish (rough) texture, but our dog took an immediate liking to it. With shipping I paid about $80 total.

I will show the finished product soon.

Oh, and here is a picture of my husband and our dog putting together my dresser:

I don’t have a picture of the completed dresser but if I think of it I’ll snap one tonight. They did a great job!



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