Shut the Front Door

12 Oct

Color Swatch “Wedgewood Gray” by Benjamin Moore

Last night I set to work painting the pinkish brownish orangish front door. I’m not a huge fan of the front door that came with the house but it will do for now. I have had the color picked out for several weeks. It’s Wedgewood Gray from Benjamin Moore. I hit up the normally vacant Sherwin Williams on my way home from work and they matched the color. I bought a quart in an exterior latex satin finish. I also bought a couple sponge brushes and a mini roller. The roller kinda sucked. I believe it may have been too fuzzy. At this point you are probably realizing that I don’t know much about painting. True! But I went for it. I taped round the hardware and window. Then painted the non flat surfaces. The sun set while I was painting and since we don’t have ascreen or anything else to prevent entry by bugs or the incredibly friendly neighborhood squirrels, I only was able to do the one coat. It looks white.

Update! 10/31/12

I finished the door…a while ago! Check it out below. It looks a little more dollhousey than intended but it’s too cold to make changes now. Thoughts?

Front of House 10/29/12


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