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a merry, not scary home update

31 Oct

We’ve been living in our house for a little over a week now. We’ve had a few issues: most notably a leak in the basement (caused by a poorly sealed tub) but otherwise it’s been great and we are very happy.

Last night we laid out our much debated rug. I found a style I liked: Trellis. Found it in our price range: cheap. But then I had to choose a color: Gray or Blue. Conundrum.

Blue (left) vs Gray (right)

There are more colors than I considered available at the (

To decide I polled my friends and family, and when the consensus was overwhelmingly gray, I ordered blue. My thought was that the blue would pop against the dark wood.

Immediately after ordering I started to hate the squiggly lines in the trellis, but too late now. I think it looks fine and I’m happy with the color. And it was free shipping which was super nice AND now my dog is more comfortable because his paws aren’t slipping all over the hardwood.

Living Room 10/30/12

If you happen to be in the market for a rug, might I suggest a few other resources that I’ve found helpful (other than Overstock, which was fab):, , shades of Light (-extremely cool stuff here) and (Just bought a rug from them for my office, I’ll post when it arrives).

We ordered a new couch from Crate & Barrel (the Davis) but they said 8-10 weeks. That could mean as late as December! I’m hoping for an early November arrival. The current couch is a hand-me-down from my Mom by Carter and has seen better days, but is still a great couch. Not super comfy though. Here is a picture of our couch-to-be in Almond:

Davis Sectional from Crate & Barrel

I’m pretty psyched for all the sitting we’ll be doing this winter.

**You may have noticed the strip of unpainted wall along the living room ceiling. That will be remedied tomorrow. We’re gussying up the place with some crown moulding thanks to step uncle(?) Mike!


Logo Time!

12 Oct


Here’s the logo I’m working on for the R House Blog:


Shut the Front Door

12 Oct

Color Swatch “Wedgewood Gray” by Benjamin Moore

Last night I set to work painting the pinkish brownish orangish front door. I’m not a huge fan of the front door that came with the house but it will do for now. I have had the color picked out for several weeks. It’s Wedgewood Gray from Benjamin Moore. I hit up the normally vacant Sherwin Williams on my way home from work and they matched the color. I bought a quart in an exterior latex satin finish. I also bought a couple sponge brushes and a mini roller. The roller kinda sucked. I believe it may have been too fuzzy. At this point you are probably realizing that I don’t know much about painting. True! But I went for it. I taped round the hardware and window. Then painted the non flat surfaces. The sun set while I was painting and since we don’t have ascreen or anything else to prevent entry by bugs or the incredibly friendly neighborhood squirrels, I only was able to do the one coat. It looks white.

Update! 10/31/12

I finished the door…a while ago! Check it out below. It looks a little more dollhousey than intended but it’s too cold to make changes now. Thoughts?

Front of House 10/29/12

Hello Home!

11 Oct

front of house

We bought our first home on September 27, 2012. This blog will be dedicated to chronicling our fails and finer moments of home ownership. Hopefully we’ll learn a thing or two along the way and someone else can benefit from our mistakes!

– Katie R.